Added Value

  1. CM2W is leading company in Internet of things technology, which presents monitoring and control in absolute real time (or according to the chosen plan).

  2. CM2W platform allows remote changes in the assignment that the device performs, which means to change its behavior by loading different execution units/ programs.

  3. The architecture includes Visual Designer, which allows generating of new execution units/ programs, using convenient and intuitive user graphic design.

  4. The user has the possibility to register random type device, using Mapping Services on the platform, without the necessary the device to be certificated for work with the current platform. This way we connect all type of machines to internet.

  5. Based on Case Studies: connecting their machines to the web, our customers:

    • Increase sales from existing customers by over 30%.
    • Reduce transport costs by up to 60% as reduce unnecessary visits by 100%, and optimize the organization of required visits to maximum.
    • Save 25% of their time, using it to focus on other part of their business.
    • 100% reduction of fraud.

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