Vending Controller

Vending Coffee Controller is innovative system for monitoring & control of various types of Vending machines, ready to change the way, that managers of Coffee manufacturer and Vending machines operators work.

Long distance monitoring and control are no longer a dream. Simple installing of Vending Coffee Controller on every vending machine provides you detailed information on your pc, tablet or smart phone. Thanks to Vending Coffee Controller you can see the number of the operations, executed by a given machine or a group of vending machines at any time you want. You can see how many operations are executed by the machines or how much products are there available or consumed. Vending Coffee controller also allows you to control any changes made in the products` receipt by the company service stuff.

Only for a few seconds you will have the whole needed information for effective management of your business.


Coffee controller contains

  • Hardware module, which can be installed on every kind of vending machine. It works with data card for internet connection;
  • Software for monitoring and control, available on CM2W web platform.

Detailed reporting

  • Detailed product report - You may see every product which is ordered by every customer.
  • Detailed time report –You may see the exact moment of every order executed by the machine.
  • Detailed supplies report – You can see how much supplies are there left in the machine in real time.

Alarms & Notifications

  • Minimum level of consumption – You can adjust alarm to inform you when the pre-arranged minimum level of consumption is reached
  • Minimum level of consumed supply – You can adjust alarm to inform you on a certain quantity of your choice


  • Notifications for changing the formula/receipt of the product – You will be informed if there are any changes made in the products` receipt by the company stuff
  • To control pre-defined changes of the receipt of the products – You can remotely control the execution of the planned in advance changes in the products formula.

Compatibility with all kind of vending machines

  • Device can be connected to all kind of coffee vending machines

GPRS Connectivity

  • Machines can be connected by data card in order to obtain internet connectivity for remote monitoring and control.

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