Coffee Controller

Coffee Controller is innovative system for monitoring and control of Office Coffee Service machines, ready to change the way, that managers of coffee manufacturer and trade companies work.

Long distance monitoring and control are no longer a dream. Simple installing of Coffee Controller on every OCS machine provides you detailed information on your pc, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to Coffee Controller you can see the number of operations, made by a given machine or a group of coffee machines any time you want. You can see how many capsules or how much coffee is there available or consumed. Coffee controller also allows you to load the machine with a number of operations or with quantity of coffee in real time. Only for a few seconds you will have the whole needed information for effective management of your business.


Coffee controller contains:

  • Hardware module, which can be installed on every kind of coffee machine. Easy installation for not more than 10 minutes. It works with data card for internet connection or with WiFi module;
  • Software for monitoring and control, available on CM2W web platform.


Coffee controller allows the following operations:

  • Monitoring and controlling group of machines, recognizing each product and distinguish real from unreal coffees, managed through only one registration.
  • Possibility for loading the number of operations, predefined for every machine using CM2W web platform;
  • Controlling the coffee machines via tablet or smartphone application;
  • Using reports for number of operations implemented for a period of time (day, month, or any random period) and the turnover;
  • Using reports concerning available quantity of coffee in the client’s machines;
  • Blocking the client`s coffee machine when predetermined parameters are reached or when the supplier decides to block the machine;
  • Sending a signal to the supplier when predetermined parameters are reached;
  • Possibility for receiving notifications in case of unauthorized changes;
  • Possibility for tracking location of the machine (approximately 300 meters from the GSM cell of the mobile operator, providing the internet access);
  • Creating information database for clients and possibility to export it in Excel;
  • Remote updating of the firmware.

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