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The most important thing for a business is proper time management. Time is money. Timе is everything. This is the reason to create "Connect Machines To Web".

Observing companies working with machines that should be monitored, directed, adjusted, loaded and managed, we found that if all these actions can be performed remotely via computer, smartphone or tablet, companies will save time and money. Moreover, any hesitations for fraud within the company and by partner companies will disappear.

We from CM2W, joined forces and created a hardware device with the help of which we can establish a monitoring and control over all kinds of machines, connecting them to the Internet in our platform.



One of the cases that we were able to solve was with Ocean Service Bulgaria - hygiene chemistry distributor. The creation of a hardware device to be added to all washing machines and dishwashers, loaded with Ocean Service`s detergents enables remote monitoring and control of machines.


  "My name is Sasho Yordanov and I am Technical Manager at Ocean Service. The main activity of the company is delivery of detergents for industrial facilities, public laundry facilities, hotels and restaurants. We work with more than 3000 facilities in Bulgaria. During the years, we installed thousands of devices for dosing the liquid detergents. This business works as follows: The provider gives the dosing devices to the clients for free. The client should work only with the provider`s detergents. It is not a problem to track if the client keeps the contract, and the quantity that he consumes, when you work on a local level. But when you work on a national level it is almost impossible to have detailed and current information whenever you want. You need to spend a lot of time and money, and to have a lot of cars and employees to try to accomplish that. The dosing systems often need additional settings after the installation. When the client calls and wants to change the dosing quantity, no matter where is the location, a team should be sent there, to make the needed settings. During the years, many times we contacted big companies, producers of dosing systems and not even one of the companies offered us that solution. 3 years ago, on a HoReCa Expo, we met CM2W. We found out that the company knows our issues in depth and has developed system for online monitoring, setting and control of the work of our clients. After initial tests, we have installed the system to each one of our clients for two years and a half. Thanks to this platform, during the first year, we increased our incomes from existing clients with 30%. The efficiency of our team rose and we decreased the costs of customer service. Using this product gave us opportunity to have solid growth and full control of our machines, invested in the facilities of our clients." 
– Sasho Yordanov - Technical Manager at Ocean Service.


The main problems of Ocean Service: unnecessary transport and clients buying competitive products are eliminated, thanks to the addition of the controllers.



One of our best success stories comes from Ukraine with the company VITESSE – distributor of industrial hygiene detergents.

Maxim Brukvenko – General Manager, VITESSE Ukraine.

„We can adjust the settings, increase or decrease the detergent flow, and get superb results always and in real-time, straight in the office.

It enables us to minimize all the costs that I’ve listed: no need to cover the distance between our office and our client, no need to expand our staff in numbers and train them, and the most important – we enjoy a Happy Client.”



Next successful partnership brings us to Romania. TOTAL Horeca Romania is a hygiene chemistry distributor who implemented CM2W control platform in their business model and achieved impressive results regarding the efficiency and service quality.

Nikolae Roman – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Total Horeca Romania shares the experience with CM2W:

“We are using CM2W system for more than an year now. We are quite happy with it, because we can be more flexible and deliver much greater value to our clients. This way our clients are much happier and we managed to increase our turnover with more then 20-25%.”

Emil Danalache – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Total Horeca Romania:

“CM2W control platform allows great flexibility in installation process. Now, we can use much more effectively, the resources, the materials and the equipment we have.”



In Greece where the distributors need to cover huge distance to monitor and service their dosing systems the company CLEANWAY managed to optimize this process by implementing the CM2W remote control platform.

Manolis Spiropolus - Managing Director, CLEANWAY Greece.

“With this device it is very easy to transfer data in real time straight to your computer. Every manager can view the data and operate the consumption of their machines.”


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